Bartholomew "Bart" Morris

By the TIme ye Hear his Musket, ye are Dead!










The Dreaded Bartholomew "Bart" Morris

I was born in the New World to indentured parents. I've seen the "Nobles", the high born men of royal blood who call for beatings of all who question their will. The lash and the cat broke my father's will but only served to sharpen my quick tongue and quicker temper. I grew up in the stinking back alleys, learning the ways of the club and the knife blade. I became a common seaman and made my way to Barbados where my taste for rum and distaste for discipline left me ashore and destitute. I acquired a musket and blade from the last Nobleman to curse me; he had no further need of them after I cracked his head open with a belaying pin in the night. I now lend my talents to Captain Crudbeard who kindly understands my need to even up the score with any Noblemen that we capture. It'll be a short and merry life for me until Satan calls me for the debt that I owe him. Contact Black Bart


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