Book Your One of a Kind Experience Now - Here is what we offer!

Pirate Festivals

We have many packages to offer. And can even provide you with a custom show to fit your re-enactment needs. A ship, artillery, encampment, Living History Presentations, and a talented crewe, are all available for your Festival. Just ask the many who have hired us in the past.

Events - Big and Small

So many communities enjoy their own Events in their Local Ports. Perhaps a Seafood Festival, a Taste of your Downtown, or just a great local event all your own.  If you want a Pirate Invasion, or just a small group to come and entertain, the Pirates of the Dark Rose will accommodate. Please email us with your needs and we will contact you with details.


Do you have a Corporate Party, Special Event or something that needs a bit of the High Seas Adventure? Whether it is a sail with authentic Pirates, or a full fledged stage show, the Pirates of the Dark Rose have done it. Let us know if you need a Pirate Crewe for your next big Bash and will bring the Show!

For the Kids

The Pirates of the Dark Rose make a special effort to reach out to children. We have a Pirate Puppet Show, games, and activities aimed specifically for our younger crowd. And the Children come back over and over to our performances. Some of our members have worked with the Make a Wish Foundation and know how special some time with Pirates can be for a youngster.


If ye want the time of yer lives, and an experience ye will never forget, then come and join the Pirates of the Dark Rose for a High Seas Adventure. Ye will Treasure these memories forever  - Captain Carver, leader of the Pirates of the Dark Rose.