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Master Carrot

They call me Mr. Carrot, me mates on the crew. I've little recall of my childhood days, only time as an orphan on the streets of London; the labor and beatings, poverty and abuse. When I sold myself as cabin boy to a west bound merchantman, that is when my life began. I learned the ways of the sail and also the ways of the cutlass, both of which have served me well. When the schooner that I was serving on was overtaken off Hispaniola by Capt. Crudbeard and his gang of murderers, I was given the choice of joining them in the Sweet Trade or joining the sharks for a little swim. This left my path clear and I've never looked back. My favorite weapon is the huge monkey fist that I carry, all the better to bludgeon those with a few extra coins in the dark of night. Contact Master Carrot


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