Tomm Crudbeard

Watch Out for his Cannon! The Owner, Builder and Skipper of the Must Roos








The Legendary Crudbeard


Raised in tha mountains of the Lord Protectorate Colony of Carolina, he made his way down ta tha sea, an was foolish enough ta volunteer fer tha Royal Navy o Good Queen Anne (he was a young lad at the time). After learning tha trade of a gunner in tha Navy, he got tired o tha floggings, deserted, an fell in with Edward Teach. He were Blackbeard’s master gunner fer years, putting many a hole in a pirate’s prey, until Teach’s untimely demise. Tom missed the life on tha account, and fell into melancholy, taking ta tha grog shops. After Bloodthirsty kindly declined ta put a sword hole in Tom one night in a drunken brawl, they joined together ta form a crew of scoundrels themselves, an he returned ta tha sweet trade. Contact Crudbeard


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