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Cassandra & Phelan

Phelan was born in the port city of Cobh in County Cork Ireland. His mother was the daughter of a local Apothecary who was working in the pub at the time when she met his father. His father was the first mate on a Scottish merchant ship that stopped regularly to trade goods and pick up supplies. Young Phelan was raised by his mother and his grandparents till the age of 12 having full run of the apothecary shop and learning much from his grandfather. When Phelan was 12 his mother took ill and passed away. His grandparents sent word to his father who was out on the trade route at the time of the situation. Six months later when the ship his father sailed upon arrived in port he went to the apothecary to claim the young lad and bring him back to Scotland with him.


It was much to the chagrin of his Scottish grandfather and the dismay of his grandmother that Phelan was brought home, his father being the third son of the owner of the vessel upon which he sailed. He was taught the ways of his family which was of noble Scottish decent and sent to school to formalize his education to possibly one day join the family business. His love of the healing arts imparted upon him by his mother's family never faded and when he was of age he went to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh graduating with honors. He apprenticed to the surgeon on board one of his families ships and was considering which of the ships of the small merchant fleet he would sail upon when his grandfather passed away. His uncle assumed control of the family business and one of his first acts was to annex his youngest brother and the bastard Irish child he had sired. His Father was left with one ship the smallest in the fleet upon which he and Phelan would then set sail.


After a dismal 2 years of plying the trade routes Phelan's father decided to sell the ship and retire to the small estate he had been allowed to keep from the family's holdings. Phelan still desiring the adventure of the seas plied his trade as a Ships Surgeon setting sail from port to port and seeking adventure upon the way. Running across Captain Flint whose family had previous merchant dealings with his own was good fortune. Her taking over the Adventure Galley, renaming it the Black Rose II and being awarded a Letter of Marque by King William III meant that she was in search of a crew. She remembered Phelan from his meeting up at various ports over the years and inquired on the state of his family and their fleet. Upon learning of his training and of the disownment of his father and himself she offered the position of Ships Surgeon which he gladly accepted.


After the Black Rose II sank, he and his beloved Cassandra took up with the Dark Rose Pirates. Very little is currently known about Cassandra, at this point. You will find Phelan seeing to the general health of the Dark Rose Pirates crew and tending to them in their time of need. Medicinal Rum is measured out daily for the health of the crew. When needed in Battle you will find him up the rigging with a ships carbine picking off the powder monkeys and cannon crew on the other vessel so as to minimize the damage that his own crew takes. Contact Phelan and Cassandra



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