The Smallest Pirate King!










Cabin Boy Slip Knot

My full name, if ye need to know, is Scrufflehook DangeRouse O'Tinkle, but most folks just call me Tink. Little is known of how I first came to join the Pirates of the Dark Rose crew. I may have drifted in on a piece of flotsam, nudged by sea turtles and pulled along by mermaids, all under the watchful eye of the shining moon. I charm-swindled my way into their black and crusty hearts with my spritely shanty-singing enchantments. Rumor has it, I have the blood of the faery folk of the Emerald Isle in me, and so I am known as something of a changeling child, able to disguise myself into many different forms and characters, as the need arises, or the fleeting mood strikes. My wayward companions in the Sweet Trade know little, so far, of my deadly skills with cutlass, dagger, and other sharp objects . What they do know is that my compact form and boundless energy make me the ideal Cabin Boy, to take the brunt of their work load, and always to be first on the line when Danger is near. Tis me middle name, after all. I play powder monkey on the field and aboard ships, and I love to scramble up the rigging, be first to let loose the sails, and enjoy the beauty of my one true home--the sea. Contact Cabin Boy Slip Knot


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