bloody belle

Ye best look twice, this Belle is Naughty and Nice!










Bloody Belle

Me pap died at sea on a whaler. me mum died 6 months later giving birth to me brother jacob. gran took us in but dinna care fer having chillins about. when jacob was 5 and i be 10, she sold me to the tavern owner by the docks. i worked in the kitchen and earned a pallet in a corner and was fed right regular. jacob.....left gran's fer the streets. i feared him becoming a footpad...but he was taken in by a lady who ran a school for street kids. he be safe at least and will learn to read and write and will find him a trade and honest work. when I "blossomed" at 13, the owner put me to work in the taproom waiting on the men. one night a fancy came in. i learned why i heard screams from upstairs sometimes as i became one of them. he kept me in the taproom and saved me for the dandies that paid high money for his girls. when i was 16, one gent beat me near to death. i woke up on the floor while he was sleeping. every part of me hurt. i took his lovely rapier and left him surprised bleeding and gasping for air. i went to find me owner next. foolish sod felt safe with an unlocked door. i creeped in. he awoke to find me sitting on his portly belly with the bloody rapier at his chest. he screamed his last much the way i had screamed me first. i ran downstairs and out the back before the bobbys got there. some of me kinder customers from the tap, they knew and understood. they gave me food and what pence they had and husked me away to a ship they knew and begged me passage. i would be safe on the Must Roos. I am forever in their debt. When the ship docks in port. i'm to stay on board as there's a right fine bounty on me head. but i always sneak away and leave treasure for me saviors to repay their kindness to me. They be better off now with what i can give and i live to see another port with the gift of life they gave to me. I never cried that horrid night. I cry now only tears of joy when i see me old friends and know i can ease their hardships. I be Belle. Me sword be Bloody. I be a wench on the Must Roos. Contact Bloody Belle


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