Burn em to the waterline











Born down east in the Scottish Highlands. There was not much about her home town, except meadows and forest. Louisa was a different sort of a child. More at home in the woods, than inside by the fire. Her 3 older brothers helped teach her the ways of making due in the wilds. Early on she took to the bow and arrow with deadly accuracy. Her mother taught her the way to make a home, and the men taught her to be strong in the hearty world of the highlands. Which included the use of axe and flintlock. But ye never know when the fine life at home can be interrupted by the world's Mayhem. Her brother, Sean had went to town for some needed provisions for the farm. But while there he was pressganged by the British Navy. Louisa went to his aid, but only saw the ship sail. She found out from a young lad named Bartholomew, who worked a merchantman that the ship was heading to small port of Plockton, on the west side of highlands. Which is also where his ship was heading, and would surely reach there before the large man o war. She paid passage on the Adventure Galley and never thinking she would go to sea.


But she took to the sea like a fish. Her and Bartholomew executed a perfect escape for Sean when the man o war docked, and all the crewe were out pressganged poor souls in Plockton. They sailed out, under a perfect moon. And under that same moon, it was a British man, of calm demeanor, and rational mind, that sailed away with her heart. They stopped midway to the highlands, where Sean would find his cousins and carry on back the farm. But Louisa, she would look to go to sea, with a handsome sailor. But just when you think you are in for calm waters, well the seas can turn in an instant. For they were not long at sea until they ran into the black flag of Pyrats, spotted way making towards them. Neither one knew what to think when they saw the flags, cannon, and vaporing Pyrats aboard the Must Roos. But they did think their lives were in for a turn. And turn it did for Louisa, now a valiant member of the crewe. Her deadly accuracy has taken out many a helmsman, and her axe has dripped blood along the scuppers. One look in her eyes ought to tell ye!


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