Jasmine the Scurdge

A Fight Ye Will Get










Jasmine the Scurdge of the Seas

Abandoned as a small lass in San Juan never really having a home or anyone to love her. Staying alive by becoming a petty thief stealing from local peddlers to survive. She was taken in by strumpets as their personal Knave. Scrubbing floors ,and linens taking in every trick she could from the wenches as she knew she could be more. Jasmine would often sit at the dock fishing when she could get away. One day while fishing she was grabbed by pressgang starved and beaten by the provost until she agreed to serve them an follow the code of conduct, so serve them she did. Using her beauty and their lust to crimp. for she would soon slay the captain in his sleep. Jasmine would sneak cackle fruit to scoundrels and hands in the galley in return for cutlass lessons running a rig for mutiny. Jasmine was successful in this gaining loyalty by promises of much booty and better shares implementing her own code of conduct. This was just the first of many ships she pillaged and thus became a Scourge of the sea. Contact Jasmine the Scurdge


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