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Captain Carver


Captain Carver may look the part of a Rogue and Freebooter, but he also be a cunning and smart man. He knows his letters and behind that glint in his eye, be a plan that would made Neptune himself shiver. He may not say much with his words, but his cold gaze has made many an enemy surrender the prize. He was born to a humble artisan who was able to send his son to Apprentice with the town Surgeon. Carver never had an aversion to blood, especially if it made him some coin. He would come a callin with the Surgeon and when older the townsfolk called him Doc. He was not a lettered man, nor a true doctor, but through his hard work and smarts was better at the trade than most who were getting paid. Opportunity came on a foggy Maine mornin, one of the merchants had fallen into a swoon and Doctor Smythe was out of town. The merchants servants fetched him, and soon he was in front of Mr Montpielier, one of the town Fathers. He was masterful, duplicating the doctors potions, and raised the Master from his stupor. Within a few short hours, Mr Montpielier was up and about, and Carver cautioned him to get rest and he would come again with Doctor Smythe the next afternoon. However, Doctor Smythe was not too happy with him for taking the call and the two were at odds. The next day found favor, because when he visited Mr M, he was offered a job as Ship's Surgeon aboard one of his merchant ships. He was to set sail within a fortnight. Those last days were spent in the arms of the one dearest to Carver's heart, and they promised each other they would meet again, neither knowing what true fate was in store for them. He was now Doc Carver, and he set sail aboard M's flagship, the Brigantine Mary Deare. He would make one trip and on the return to New England the ship encounted the Must Roos. Once again fate would intervene, and Doc was press ganged into joining the Pirates of the Dark Rose. Soon enough, he became friends with Captain Crudbeard, and wold sign the Articles and be one of the crewe. Quickly rising and commanding guns during battle, and surgery after, he became one of the most respected members of the crewe after the Captain. He cured many a case of toothworm, kept the men from getting Scuvy with his Grog, and was a fair musician too. And as many of the songs say, a man never knows where he may end up. His destiny led to crossing paths, and blades with his long lost Love. And Fate had it's way again and after many sails, many raids, and buckets of gore. He was named Captain Carver of the Pirates of the Dark Rose. And now, the story continues.

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