Pirate Ship, Cannon Artillery, Swordfighting and More!

The Pirates of the Dark Rose perform the "School of the Artillery," for both the young and old. Learn a proper cannon drill on a real cannon, and watch the Pirates fire in a live artillery demonstration. Our presentations are done as part of Festivals, as well as for private and municipal events. We offer flexibility and can bring our historical weapons demonstration, along with live artillery fire. A Living history battle encampment can be part your next Event with the Pirates of the Dark Rose.


Our crewe has more than a decade of experience producing many different battle scenarios. We can offer a ship to shore battle, as the Must Roos trades cannon fire with the shore battery. The thunder of our large guns will be something you never forget. We have also produced small land battles and even a single cannon demonstration. The choice is yours. But we know you will be entranced when you watch a live cannon battle. Our performers are professionals, with safety training and certifications. We maintain a one million dollar liability policy on our company, which has never been used. Contact us if you are interested by clicking the button below.


How to Hire Us