Puppet Shows, Games, Baloon Swords, and Piratical Fun

Our Pirates of the Dark Rose, are beloved by children across the Seven Seas.  Performing for over a decade, our loyal following continues to grow.  The Treasure Hunt that we do in Damariscotta Maine is famous among locals and tourists. The Pirates of the Dark Rose  will bring along Pirate Games, puppet shows, balloons and regale the partygoers with their tales of Piracy. Fun for all ages, the children get their chance to join a real Pirate Crewe and share in the treasure and fun of fantasy.


We set-up different stations to entertain the children,  where they  get one on one attention from the Dark Rose Pirates. Our historically correct games keep them captivated as they learn how to play the games of their peers in the 18th century. Our Quartermaster Kidd will regale them with the tales of Pirate weapons, with a mesmerizing display of a gargantuan flintlock. Captain Crudbeard will take volunteers and teach them the Shool of the Cannon, which is an unforgettable experience. The children are enthralled with the involvement of working an actual cannon drill on a real cannon.


Inquire about our different packages because you will want to "go on the account," and become a real Pirate! Whether it is a private birthday party or a public festival, we bring the smiles to wee ones faces. Bloodthirsty's tavern is the place to meet real Pirates and sign the articles to join the crewe. Fun stories, games, a Puppet Show, temprorary tattoos and more for the small to the tall Pirates


How to Hire Us