Live Steel Stage Combat. Safely.



Our crewe has the experience necessary to bring you a live battle, safely, and for thousands of viewers. As we have done many times, our ship the Dark Rose invades, while defenders attempt to repel and defeat the fearsome Pirates. We use period correct Live Steel Combat techniques to give your audience the feeling they are back in history. It is a scene that will give you a front row seat to re-living history and make you beleive your on a movie set. For a previews, click on the Video at the bottom of this page and view our Invasion of  Camden Maine.  Hear our cannon thunder and watch the battle unfold

See Our Battle Here

PHOTO: James "Paparatzi" Callahan © Copyright


Whether you want a full scale battle, or want us to bring our "Dueling Adventure,"  we have a demonstration that will fit every budget and need. Our crewe has trained with renowned fight instructors to provide exciting, professional battles. For more than a decade the Pirates of the Dark Rose have conducted safe and entertaining Live Steel, Stage Combat.

Hire the Dark Rose Pirates

PHOTO: Don Dunbar © Copyright


For all of our little Pirates, we have not left you out. The Pirates of the Dark Rose prepare their own crewe, made from the children who attend. We train them with swords (foam ones of course), and show them how to become one of the crewe of our Hellion Brigade. Fun for all ages!