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Captain Carver

Captain Carver may look the part of a Rogue and Freebooter, but he also be a cunning and smart man. He knows his letters and behind that glint in his eye, be a plan that would made Neptune himself shiver. He may not say much with his words, but his cold gaze has made many an enemy surrender the prize. He was born to a humble artisan who was able to send his son to Apprentice with the town Surgeon ...

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Bloody Spike Pierce

Spike Pierce and his origins seem to defy explanation. It is said that a harlot of an indentured servant, on the way to Jamaica, after a difficult illegitimate birth, threw him overboard. A pod of dolphin played with the infant Spike, but quickly got bored and tossed him onto the first fishing vessel to come by. The fisherman awoke to a crying babe on deck, and took it as a sign. He was raised aboard a ship and quickly rose through the ranks to command a ship of his own. He decided there were more to the sea than fish, and wanted some of that glitter... READ MORE


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The Kidd - Quartermaster

Aargh, the smell ol da sea, watchin a brit barge go unda, plundain, wenches, aargh, wenches. When I be a yungon, I wanted ta be a wee cabin boy foreverr. I had much respect for me Captain, loved the sea, and his two lovely daughters, aargh. I was referred to as da Kidd being short en al, my advantage, aargh. Well however, it be a tough job keeping ...

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Jasmine the Scurdge

Abandoned as a small lass in San Juan never really having a home or anyone to love her. Staying alive by becoming a petty thief stealing from local peddlers to survive. She was taken in by strumpets as their personal Knave. Scrubbing floors ,and linens taking in every trick she could from the .. READ MORE


Cabin Boy - Slip Knot

My full name, if ye need to know, is Scrufflehook DangeRouse O'Tinkle, but most folks just call me Tink. Little is known of how I first came to join the Pirates of the Dark Rose crew. I may have drifted in on a piece of flotsam, nudged by sea turtles and pulled along by mermaids, all under the watchful eye of the shining moon. I charm-swindled my way into their black and crusty hearts with my spritely shanty-singing enchantments. Rumor has it ... READ MORE


Bartholomew "Bart" Morris

I was born in the New World to indentured parents. I've seen the "Nobles", the high born men of royal blood who call for beatings of all who question their will. The lash and the cat broke my father's will but only served to sharpen my quick tongue and quicker temper. I grew up in the stinking back alleys, learning the ways of the club and the knife blade. I became a common seaman and made my way to Barbados where my taste for rum and distaste for discipline left me ashore and destitute. I acquired a musket and blade from the last Nobleman to curse me; he had no further need of them after I cracked his head open with a belaying pin in the night. I now lend my talents... READ MORE


Syd Viskus

Out fishin one day in the ocean Syd threw his anchor over the side of the boat and right on top of a whale. Both were surprised. The whale spouted and ran off in a hurry. Syd caught the spray of salt water and foul air dead square in the face, which was not the most surprise he got. The anchor had caught in the tail of the whale. And when all the anchor line whipping over the rail had run out, the boat took off after the whale, which was surprising as Syd wasn’t rowing. Syd was in the water. But the boat dragged on one side of the whale’s tail and turned him in a circle so  ... READ MORE



Fox was raised in a small village in a forested area. She was raised by her grandmother. As a child, Fox's father went to sea to seek his fortune for the family but alas, he never returned, leaving Fox's mother to tend to 3 small children of her own with no means. She became the local laundress and seamstress for the villagers. Fox was a curious child and always at her ... READ MORE



Born down east in the Scottish Highlands. There was not much about her home town, except meadows and forest. Louisa was a different sort of a child. More at home in the woods, than inside by the fire. Her 3 older brothers helped teach her the ways of making due in the wilds. Early on she took to the bow and arrow with deadly accuracy... READ MORE


Rachel Steel

Her history is a mystery. Rachel Steele has sharp blades and sharp looks for those that cross her. She fights side by side with Captain Carver, and sometimes fights against him, depending on her mood. Tis said that she she still has a pouch made from the hide of the last man who wronged her. She is no stranger  ... READ MORE


Bloody Belle

Me pap died at sea on a whaler. me mum died 6 months later giving birth to me brother jacob. gran took us in but dinna care fer having chillins about. when jacob was 5 and i be 10, she sold me to the tavern owner by the docks. i worked in the kitchen and earned a pallet in a corner and was fed right regular. jacob.....left gran's fer the streets. i feared him becoming a footpad...but he was taken in by a lady who ran a school for street kids. he be safe at least and will learn to read and write and will find him a trade and honest work. when I "blossomed" at 13, the owner put me  .... READ MORE



My name is Reztiws Erikson, but most people call me “Bull”. Some call me Reztiws the mad; perhaps because of my tendency to growl like a dog in battle. I am also sometimes called the pagan angel, for I will gladly help you meet your creator! My friends say I am quite kind, and my enemies seldom live to tell of my ferocity. I am the first born son of a tradesman of no great importance. My father’s ancestors came ... READ MORE


Cassandra Durmelth

The story of Cassandra and Phelan are as intertwined as a Gallic knot. After the Black Rose II sank, he and his beloved Cassandra took up with the Dark Rose Pirates. Very little is currently known about Cassandra, at this point. You will find Phelan seeing to the general health of the Dark Rose Pirates crew and tending to them in their time of need. Medicinal Rum is measured out daily for the health of the crew. When needed in Battle you will find her giving comfort, shouting, and vaporing along so as to minimize the damage that her own crew takes ... READ MORE


Phelan Durmelth

Phelan was born in the port city of Cobh in County Cork Ireland. His mother was the daughter of a local Apothecary who was working in the pub at the time when she met his father. His father was the first mate on a Scottish merchant ship that stopped regularly to trade goods and pick up supplies. Young Phelan was raised by his mother and his grandparents till the age of 12 having full run of the apothecary shop ... READ MORE



That's right. The Pirates of the Dark Rose is having a casting call for 2024. Do ye have a Pirate Soul. Perhaps a desire to raid and pillage? To swordfight or fire the cannon! Maybe you have theater or entertainment experience? Come hoist the colors with the Pirates of the Dark Rose. We have appeared in numerouse documentaries, festivals and are known throughout the East Coast.READ MORE

The Crewe Would Like to Thank Our Co-Founders

The Pirates of the Dark Rose owe their existence to the two wonderful Souls that wanted to build a great Pirate Crew.  Tomm and Barbara have made their imprint upon this fine crewe and provided a Foundation for something magical to grow and continue to entertain crowds across the nation. Barbara's creativity, dedictaion and passion coupled with Tomm's theater experience gave birth to a vision that took the Pirate World by storm. Their expertise has been ingrained in the crewe and the traditions passed to those that delight children, fans and festivals today! Thank You Tomm and Barbara. Bloodthirsty shall always hold a special place in all of our Hearts and our Memories.

Bloodthirsty Barbara: Co-Founder


Bloodthirsty Barbara

[1951 - 2014])

was a-swillin' grog in Port Royal one night when some drink-addled sailor made th' wrong remark, and out came th' blades. Lucky fer Tom Crudbeard, she let 'im live, an they agreed ta form tha Pirates of the Dark Rose. As a young Estonian lass, she was captured by Cossacks and sold ta tha Mongols, where she learned tha art of falconry. Rescued by tha Turks, she became a sailor, and driftin down ta tha Spanish Main, began ta sail under tha Jolly Rodger

Tom Crudbeard: Co-Founder


Tom Crudbeard

Raised in tha mountains of the Lord Protectorate Colony of Carolina, he made his way down ta tha sea, an was foolish enough ta volunteer fer tha Royal Navy o Good Queen Anne (he was a young lad at the time). After learning tha trade of a gunner in tha Navy, he got tired o tha floggings, deserted, an fell in with Edward Teach. He were Blackbeard’s master gunner fer years, putting many a hole in a pirate’s prey, until Teach’s untimely demise. Tom missed the life on tha account, and fell into melancholy, taking ta tha grog shops.

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