the must roos pirate ship

A Pirate Sailing Adventure that will take you back in time.

DARK rose firing her cannon

Watch the Must Roos and the Pirates of the Dark Rose fire a broadside at the Camden Windjammer Festival. Nothing can prepare you for the big booms of our cannon as they thunder through the harbor.



Must ROos - dark rose

Our Pirate Ship is called the Must Roos. This means Dark Rose in Slavic .Come and walk the weathered deck of the Must Roos and meet our crewe.  Our ship is available for Festivals, Events, Parties and More !

How to Hire the Dark Rose

built by a pirate

The Must Roos was built by Captain Crudbeard, AKA Tomm Tomlinson. The ship was lovingly built from the ground up, with his own hands. Of course, it is quite a tale .........


this rose has thorns

This formidable Pirate Ship bristles with cannon. She carries a full broadside of nine cannon,
along with swivel cannon fore and aft. Aye,
and the crewe are armed to the teeth and
come gunnin for you !

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a fearsome crewe of Buccaneers

The Ship is crewed by the Fearsome Pirates of the Dark Rose. Ye be Warned !

Meet the Crewe