Well, Matey, yer at the site of the Pirates of the Dark Rose. We be professional Pirates fer Hire, specializing in Cannons, Blades, and Birds. Our territory be the waters of the East Coast, washin' ashore at events from Maine t' Florida.
We may also bring our Pirate Ship, the topsail gaff yawl MUST ROOS ta yer harbor fer Pirate Attacks. Hoist a signal ta us iffen yer wants
ta add a big bang ta yer Pirate Event.

Cutlass Fights

CANNONS & cutlass fights

Matey, our fights will make ya gasp, with the flash of the swinging blades and the iron thunder of our cannons. Experienced with cutlass and rapier, we can fight in parades and on docks, as well as pirate duels and cannon demonstrations.

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Dark Rose Pirates Camp

encampment & parties

The Dark Rose Pirates wash ashore at events and pile their salvaged booty under a tent made from old sails. Kids LOVE pirates, and we do birthday parties, youth groups, and school programs. Depending on the age range and time available,  ..........

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Pirate Ship for Hire

pirate ship

The Pirates of the Dark Rose use the S/V Must Roos, a fifty-five foot overall gaff topsail yawl, for buccaneerin' on the Spanish Main. With cannon on the upper deck and carronades on the lower, the Must Roos flies a square topsail, and works well for pirate .......

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Fearsome poDR Crewe

crewe & gallery

Meet. real Pirates up close in all of their bloodthirty glory. Read the stories of the Dark Rose Pirates and view their picture galleries. See the action packed videos of these fearsome Pirate's as they battle from Fort Rodman to Fort Knox !

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